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This has nothing to do with Leather goods! But everything to do with what you choose to do with your days. During these times "in the wilderness" (it's day 123 today) where we do not have the liberty to go about our normal social activities, I determined I would not endure fear, chaos or a time of darkness. I set out to learn something new every 2 weeks. It started with juggling. That was fun. Then I had always wanted to learn stop motion animation. So why not now? I said that a lot during these times. You tube is amazing to learn anything. So the jest of it all is you take a picture of your "project" then move it a half inch, take a picture, move it again, take a picture.... you get it. Guess how many photos I used for 1 second of this project?? 32!! It was a process! I learned determination, patience, learning to hear the whisper of inspiration when I'd get stuck on the story line.... This is for my granddaughter, Carter! It's a story I tell her before she goes to sleep. After, this project I set out to play my guitar every single day for 1 hour. Oh how I loved that project. I will play every day for the rest of my life. What a great adventure it's been so far. I anticipate a great future of learning, inspiring others and learning how to be a co-creator of beauty, kindness and generosity. What have you done lately? What will you do today?
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Made In USA!

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