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Bloom where yer planted! When we moved to Arizona, I wasn't quite sure how I'd get along with out the beauty and lush green of the Mt. Hood foot hills and wilderness.  My favorite hike is Ramona Falls where you wind and toil around and up and down, through fairy tale forest of most laden trails and trees next the freshest water given by the hand of God.  Words can not describe the beauty and wonder of this land. Arizona is everything opposite!  But I was determined to find beauty in all things and I was not disappointed.  I love the sunrise hikes with the beautiful colors dancing across the morning breeze. Or the moon rise hikes out my back property.  The night time is intense here! The stars sparkle like little Christmas lights waiting with such excitement to tell you a story and show you something grand.  I've learned there is joy no matter where you go.  Find it. Capture it. Live it. Love it!  It's all a gift!
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Made In USA!

Made In USA!

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