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Last weekend I was vending at Thieves Market in Chandler Arizona.  Tom had taken some old boot bottoms and and planted some succlents in them to recycle the boots.  A very sweet, young couple came by, loved the recycled boot and purchased it. Along the way as they were shopping they were telling people about their "recycled boot planter". At one booth they dropped the brochure I gave them. The vendor (we'll call her Jane) picked it up and started reading it. In this brochure I have the story of how Diamond 57 was created. She was touched by the story and came to find me. As we started talking she discovered a cowboy boot bag she loved! "It speaks to me!" she squealed. I am so grateful to be inspired to create works of wonder that spreads such joy. Jane makes beautiful recycled yard, garden and home art reclaimed old wood, antique clocks and more. She told me she was going back to her booth and was going to take the proceeds from her sales to buy the bag.  She returned in a short while and told me she was telling her brother all about the bag (he also creates beautiful works of art by recycling vintage wood and old truck parts). I asked her how sales were, and she said not good but I'm telling everyone about the bag I'm going to buy it when things pick up.  I told her to take the purse to her booth to show her brother, to which she replied with a smirk, "ok, see ya.... in, like....never!" Ha!  She did return with the purse swinging like an old friend on her shoulder.  Gently putting the purse back on it's rustic display she said she'd be back and  may have to take up donations to achieve her goal. She would joke with the good people enjoying the show.  The next day I recieved an email from a delightful angel asking me if I remember the gal that really wanted the cowboy boot bag when she was shopping in my booth. I said, "oh, yes! She's a delightful soul!"  She asked if I would accept her payment of the purse and present it to the "lady" as an anonymous gift? This woman said "I don't know her name, but do you know who I'm talking about?" "Yes, I remember", as disbelief welled up in my heart. Really?? For Real?  She was serious and called me with her payment information and didn't want any recognition for her very kind gesture of love. My life will forever be touched by such generosity and inspiration! 
Tom and I went to see Jane, and I put the bag on her shoulder asking her if she's sure it fits properly. She smiled and said, of course it fits just right!  I said "Well, then, it's yours!"  She was in shock with tears of unbelief mixed with such humility that will be a memory in my mind forever. 
Jane came to me later that day and said "I've always been a giver. I don't know how to react as a reciever." Joy. Pure joy! This is what it feels like to bless others. 
This is the bag that started it all....cowboy boot purse made in usa

boot planter  This is a picture of previous planters.  #cowboybootpurses  #cowboybootbag  #joy #giving #blessingsfromangels   #bootplanters  #recycledboots #recycledcowboyboots  #madeinUSA

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Made In USA!

Made In USA!

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