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What are Booties? Like "Shake your Booties?" No! When I cut the tops of the cowboy  boots off to make a purse, I recycle the bottoms of the boots in to Booties. You wear them like a boot only the tops are gone and there is soft, hand laced finished edge on your booties. With jeans, you can't tell the tops are gone. Eacy to put on. Cool in hot weather. You can ride, dance, shop and work in them. They are limited to what I can find in good shape, so just email me your size and what you're looking for. I'll send pictures and see if we can match you up with something special.  Below are some samples of booties. Some I've made a purse from the top and hand laced the botties for a set. The brown and pink were worn my Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame!  I purchased them when they were selling the set of her show.