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I love horses! Big, small and in between. The whinny of a new born foal, their fuzzy little muzzle, their curiosity, their loyalty, big heart and soul! The smell of hay, fresh shavings and horse shampoo. I love the sound of hooves, in that rhythemic tempo, hitting the ground. I've ridden horses all my life, then started raising and showing miniature Arabian horses in 1989. My Stallion, Legacy is a 3 time world champion.  Once we worked out an agreement that biting was not allowed in the show ring, all went well.  So what does this have to do with Cowboy boots?  My husband, best friend, stall clean, groomer, hauler, builder and you name it was always by side.  In 2000 he had an accident and could no longer wear his boots.  We have had adventures all across this great country in them boots and I wanted to preserve the exciting memories we've had. So I made a purse from his boots. Every time someone asked me about it I would share our wonderful life together.  I then made more bags and sold them to a store in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Taylor Swift happen to be shopping one day and called and asked if I'd like to me her and her mom? YEAH! "I'll be right there!"  I met Taylor and her kind hearted mother several times over the next 3 years. Then the purses were featured in Country Woman Magazine. Then a TV spot or 2, then Cowboys and Indians, Cowgirl magazine and more. Today I sell the bags on line and at shows across the South West. I love this continuing adventure.  What do you learn from tragedy?  Perhaps the most important lesson is this: When things are going along and you think you've got "it" all figured out the Lord steps in, sometimes, and says, "Hey, Sue! Let's go this way!"  I didn't like this way at all! Not one bit! Scary. Uncertain. Overwhelming. Unknown.  But now that I'm on this side of the storm I realized the most important part of unwanted adversity in life is how you greet it.  It was my attitude that the Lord knows what He's doing.  He's always with me on my journeys. If he takes me there, He will take me through it. I've learn many lessons. One day at a time. Trust in His arm, not the arm of flesh.  Be positive. Hope. Faith. And tell myself daily, "It's all gonna be fine!"
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Made In USA!

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