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How do you make a cowboy boot purse? I'm asked this often.  It takes vision to taking something old and exploring what it can become. Even tho a shady and disrespectful pass, everything has potential to become something better. It usually takes some inspiration, determination and a desire for change.  We see it everywhere. Old horse tack with one broken rein and mouse teeth marks in the throat latch.  Boots with holes in the sole.  Rusty hardware neglected and abused.  It all deserves a chance to become something better.  I give it a chance. I try to look at these things with God's eyes. This made me think, how does God see me?  I'm mostly busted, rusty and neglected, whether by my own choice or some other influence. Aren't we all? Isn't that the mission of this mortality? To become.  Just like the soles of some of these old, worn boots, I see myself, hoping for a chance to become something better. Every morning is a new opportunity to become something better.  It's possible and even probable with the help of the Lord and forgiveness so readily available if we choose to partake. I encourage you to become what God see's in you. Something brilliant. Smart. Lovely. True. Chaste. Kind. We all are so blessed to be able to change.

And so it is with old boots. They become something treasured to bring to life joy and appreciation for something that was  once lost and abused but now cherished and beautiful.

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Made In USA!

Made In USA!

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