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Ok, I will admit it! I'm a boot whore!  But, really, if you were going to be a whore, what better kind? 
I do love the Corral boots.  I own this one, black with inlay butterfly in turquoise, red, yellow.  Yummy to my soul!  Well, I happen to find some matching boots on my adventures around the world.  I brought them home, hugged them, kissed them, and tucked them in their box.  Last week, I realized it was time to create a bold, yet shameless matching cowboy boot purse for my but kicking, fun loving Corral boots. So I bravely, boldly yet with considerable intrepedition, pulled out my razor cutter and carefully placed it on the boot.  The first cut is the painful part. Then, there's no turning back.  I t's hard to express the enchanting delight of spunky cowboy boots and matching bag.  Corral cowboy boots cowboy boot purseWanna give it a ride? Let me know and I'll tell you how.

Happy Trails,

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Made In USA!

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