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I love Christmas! A time to celebrate and remember why we are here on earth!  
I had the honor of creating a forever heirloom piece for a customer recently.  She loved biking, cooking, singing and most of all her family.  Her husband brought me her boots to make a purse for their 15 year old daughter.  The boots were amazing, the purpose clear and the creative process seemed to be inspired beyond my own abilities.  This amazing woman will not be here to see her daughter receive her new cowboy boot purse on Christmas morning.  She passed before I could finish the bag, but I have felt her influence.  I hope this young woman will feel the love of her mother each time she reaches for this bag. I added charms with the things they loved together.  I stamped the metal guitar pick with the words, "heart strings together forever".  Thank you for the opportunity to be a small part of creating memories!
 Custom cowboy boot purse  Custom cowboy boot purse  Custom cowboy boot purse
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Made In USA!

Made In USA!

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