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The shop has been busy in the shop.  We are working on new bracelet designs.  I will have new necklaces done tomorrow.  Our recycling program is keeping me awake at night.  I keep having dreams of ways to up cycle crazy things.  I had a dream about using aluminum diamond plate and making it into a purse.  I will work on that when I return from the Cowboy Holiday show next week.
I'll take a picture of my shop so you can get a visual of what happens here.  It's an old barn, foaling barn actually.  I've delivered over 100 foals in this place. It holds special memories for me.  When we were showing miniature horse we had over 50 horses at one time. We showed horses on the west coast and over to Texas and Utah.  My stallion, Legacy is a 3 time world champion.  His offspring have followed in his "hoof" steps and continue the tradition.  Anyway, the barn is now has sheet rock, windows and heat.  A lot of creative energy happens in here.  
Let me know what you'd like this blog to be!  I'd love to hear from ya.
Happy Trails!Legacy miniature horse at Diamond 57 cowboy boot purses
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