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Feather streamer earringsDon't you love feathers?  Now a days they can be worn in your hair, as earrings, as apparel as well as apparel accessories! Who knew?? Thank you Steven Tyler!  Now you too can be groovey like Steven!  I now have streamer feather earrings in 5 different colors.  They can be washed, curled and twirled around your finger if you want! Wear them with long hair, short hair or no hair at all, (my husband tried this!)  They look great ...  fun, funky, foxy good looking,  going to the rodeo, line dancing or bull riding.  Send me pictures of you wearing your feather streamer earrings and you may be seen on my site and receive a free gift!!  Yehaw, sisters! Ride on!  Get your $10 off your next order with the code: horse feathers 

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Made In USA!

Made In USA!

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