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Cowgirl Attitude!
Cowgirl wonderful!

Cowgirl wonderful!

The cowgirl attitude is determination, grit with a side kick of kindness.
  1. We are now in the midst of a very Merry Christmas.  Enjoy the small moments.  Create adventures.  Such a beautiful time to remember and contemplate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I wonder what Mary thought about as she approached his birth.  Stay faithful. Keep diligent in your dedication and devotion to Him who makes all things possible.
    You'll find me at local shows for the next few months and on line.
    Let me know if you want something custom or if it's not on my website shoot me a text or email and I'll see what I can do for you.

  2. It was a beautiful week end in Pinetop Arizona.  The forest smiled upon us, uninterrupted by any rain, only the slight movement of a breeze or red flicker babies, hustling over some grub mom just flew in with.
    The smell of leather was in the air.  It always makes me smile.  
    I enjoyed the conversations about creativity, recycling and the passion an artist has for all things "artsy".  Don't you? What's your passionate art?  
    I am so grateful my craft was well appreciated by the locals stopping by to find treasures and the visitors purching something special for their friends "back home". I so happy for some of the bags that will go horse back riding, or on the iron horse, or even on a bike.  Oh the adventures they are about to have.  I hope all the bag have a story to tell in the end.  That others will realize they once were a boot, in a stirrup, in the harsh weather of north dakota, rounding up non conforming cattle that went astray.  Worn out and no good future in site, I'm so glad I could rescue them and let them know their life is not over.  There is still value in their souls.  There is still more that can be done to do bring out the best in them.  hmmmm.... that sounds a little like me....... My husband reminds me oftern, there's so much more sunshine ahead.  Just keep showing gratitude for every. single. good. day.   Every good laugh.  Every kind word.  The smiles. The tears. The encouragement. It's all so good. God is good and He knows what's up ahead.  Keep it up. One foot in front of the other. You got this!

    #goodideas #godisgood #creativeart #recycleart #cowboybootpurse #cowboyboot #handmade #handcrafted #leathercraft
  3. It's not really Tuesday, but I love turquoise Every. Single. Day!!
    Today was a turquoise kinda day.  I acquired this turquoise pendant on one of my wanders about.  I adapted it to be the focal point of the cowboy boot purse.
    It was happy there. 
    It made me smile.
    I love when that happens. 
    The handles on this bag were challenging.  Round leather is always an effort to find the right attachments.  Then the clouds parted, the sun shone, the boots did all the right tricks and I found the perfect snaps with a strap end attachment.  Oh I'm tempted to add this beauty to my collection.  
    I enjoyed the end result as much as the 10 hours to create, procure and design this western purse. 
    Let me know what your thoughts are.
  4. I have new things in store of your surprising pleasure!
    I have felt hopeful and creative lately.  I'm filling my mind and heart with all the good things in life! Cowboy boots, family, horses, dogs, flowers sunshine and most importantly "My Jesus"! Someone was just asking me why I was so happy, I replied , " it's easy when you've got blood type J"  
    Here are a few fun photos of recent projects. 

  5. It's been and amazing Christmas! That's mostly because of my choice to perceive it that way.  What about you? Did you know you have power of what and how you think?  How I express my creativity is also a choice.  I know only one person will be the recipient of the purses I make. What will she be like?  Sassy? Concervative? Wild? Adrenalin junky?  It's so fun to perseive others attitudes, creating the bag with attitude then letting that purse find just the right cowgirl!  
    So here's to chosing joy, peace and an extra lap around the barrels for all my barrel racing sisters!
    #diamond57 #madeinUSA #leathercraft #cowboybootpurse #cowgirlmagazine

  6. Come see all my new products here!
    Sip and shop festival San Tan Mall
  7. I'm in Arizona! Why is it in the 60's in October?? But such is life.  Not always meeting my expectations, but often exceeding them!  
    I just started offering custom inlays on bags!  I'll be posting pictures and information next week. So fun, I can hardly stand it.  I will offer your custom brand on bags, clutches, saddle blanket bags and wallets.  Christmas will be extra special this year! I can feel it!  Order early so ya don't stress me out. My dog gets upset when I'm frantic! LOL!
    Enjoy the falls leaves, cool air, sunshine and in some areas snow flakes!

  8. How did it happen??? Despite all that is going on in the world there is a constant. Time.  So with that thought I try to live each day with purpose. In fact I try to live ON PURPOSE.  When we live with intention, life if fulfilling. So choose to fill it with love despite the chaos, joy is yours. I saw the tiniest humming bird this morning on my walk. Then right, there as if to be a personal show just for me, the Lord sent a rainbow! I live in the DESERT!!  I couldn't belive it.  But I felt Him smile as if to encourage me to keep going, keep spreading love, acceptance and comfort.  So off I trot!  Like a flower girl at the best wedding ever, spreading those little rose petals as I go along, hoping to make people smile and find a little joy. 

  9. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!  How have you seen beautiful lately? 

    Part #2 of Fearless Friday #4  Confused? So am I!

  10. I have been practing playing guitar. Reminiscing with James Taylor, Garth Brooks, Kacey Muscgraves, Eagles, John Denver, JJ Heller.... Ecletic, right? Life is like that. You find something unexpected and it turns out to bring you joy.  Restringing my guitar gave me an opportunity to create necklaces and bracelets from those used strings. Oh the songs you sang to me!  Now they have guitar picks and turquoise or tiger eye stones.  Which is your favorite?  
    Guitar string necklace with guitar pick  Guitar string braceletGuitar String bracelet with turquoise
    #guitarStringJewelry #recycleGuitarStrings #happyTrails #CoCreate #diamond57
  11. You know I love everything recycled.  Normal things look a little skewed to me these days.  I can still see beauty in a world of division.  Be the kindness. Spread your light and inspire someone that there is about to be a really exciting surprise party! It's your choice to show up!  Until then, let's create. I had so many buckets of horse tack, you know the lil' bits of this and that once I used the leather for straps on purses and clutches.  Well, I took those dirty little tack buckles and gave them a spit shine and are now necklaces.  Create something beautiful and unexpected today! Share it with me.
      Horse tack buckles for jewelry
    #horsetacknecklace #happytrails #diamond57 #coCreateKindess

  12. This has nothing to do with Leather goods! But everything to do with what you choose to do with your days. During these times "in the wilderness" (it's day 123 today) where we do not have the liberty to go about our normal social activities, I determined I would not endure fear, chaos or a time of darkness. I set out to learn something new every 2 weeks. It started with juggling. That was fun. Then I had always wanted to learn stop motion animation. So why not now? I said that a lot during these times. You tube is amazing to learn anything. So the jest of it all is you take a picture of your "project" then move it a half inch, take a picture, move it again, take a picture.... you get it. Guess how many photos I used for 1 second of this project?? 32!! It was a process! I learned determination, patience, learning to hear the whisper of inspiration when I'd get stuck on the story line.... This is for my granddaughter, Carter! It's a story I tell her before she goes to sleep. After, this project I set out to play my guitar every single day for 1 hour. Oh how I loved that project. I will play every day for the rest of my life. What a great adventure it's been so far. I anticipate a great future of learning, inspiring others and learning how to be a co-creator of beauty, kindness and generosity. What have you done lately? What will you do today?
    #happyTrails #LoveBig #creativecocreater #diamond57 #happybirthdayCarterJ

  13. Had to take 2 but it all works out!
    Fearless Friday #3 Creativity, recycle, wine totes and lil' boots!
    Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded  
    #happyTrails #fearlessFriday #diamond57
  14. This is my favorite tablet sleeve! Keeps your table safe and secure.  I hand cut the tie strap to keep it close.  I dismantled a turquoise necklace to create this turquoise setting into a concho for the front of this tablet sleeve.  I used this really pretty tooled, turquoise embossed leather for the flap.  Fits most tablets. 10" wide and 8" tall.  I can customize these so let me know if you want a different size.

    Leather handcrafted tablet sleeve with turquoise patina tooled leather

  15. The perfect  sign for my shop.  It always brings up funny stories about how my fun ended in trouble!  It usually involved a horse. 
  16. Fearless Friday Round 2!   July 10, 2020  Here ya go!

  17. Thank you, Nancy, for the opportunity to create a custom purse from your husband's boots. The honor is mine.  I incorporated their brand into the design of the bag, used the ostrich skin for a cross which was sewn onto the red hair on bag.  Why red? Well, they raised red angus cattle. Everytime Nancy reaches for her bag, she reaches for the wonderful times they had together. 
    custom cowboy boot purse  Custom Cowboy Boot purse  Custom purse from your boots  Custom Brand on a cowboy boot purse
  18. The most often asked question is how did you create the idea to make a purse from cowboy boots? Well, here is the story! Plus you'll get see Legacy! I will have to caution: I am a little "high Energy!!"  LOL.

    #diamond57 #madeinUSA #leathergoods #mybeginnings #creativity #inspiration #minihorse #loveMyHusband

  19. Let's do this!  We are going to celebrate Fearless Fridays! Every friday we will be live at 10am.  I will showcase new products, specials and show y'all how to carry your concealed weapon with your Hipster bags.  There may be prizes, give a ways, contests and for sure there will be some shenanigans and horsin' around.  Ask me your questions. Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/Diamond57BootPurses , https://www.instagram.com/diamond57bootpurses/ and https://www.pinterest.com/bootpurses/
    Watch us for loads of fun times in these undesirable, mask wearin' times.  I wanna see yer smiles! So bring it on!
    Live event Every Friday! 10AM

  20. I refuse to let the world of chaos take over my shop. I am fully aware of the tradgies, for which I pray continually.  If the hearts of the people will turn to God, we may have a chance to change the world, starting with our own hearts. Love. Respect. Kindness. That's my focus.
    And today I focused on a custom bag for a sweet gal from Oklahoma.  Cute boots from her uncle. Such great quality in the leather and craftsmanship.  I am almost done with making modifications to the handle and custom conchos. Oh the joy, to help others find joy.  Thank you for your trust in me to create something special, just for you. To always remind you of your Uncle and the special bond you had. I was able to incorporate he belt and buckle.
    Custom boots purse for Rhonda  Custom made purse
  21. Oh the love of the hand crafted. Made from just a thought inside my head.  Translated into paper then onto leather.  Mostly it involves finding a rustic, well used pair of cowboy boots. Then the search for the perfect horse tack.  I love the bag I made today.  That leather horse rein, oh just the thought of it being used for many years on a horse with a big heart for cattle. Working hard, never ceasing to amaze at it's natural instinct to know where that silly cow was gonna go next.  The thought of the rider using that horse rein to communicate, and work together to accomplish a task, a goal or maybe an occassional ride through the woods to the cool waters of the lake.  Of no use to anyone at this point because there is only one rein.  Scarred, sweat stained and certainly knowledgable about the ways of a horse.  I had to scrub and clean using my finest cleaners and techniques to restore this horse rein to is glory days.  It still shows the scars, and you can feel the determination of a trainer, but now it will perfectly live forever as the handle to carry this glorious hand crafted leather purse. I hope she finds the perfect home of a cowgirl with a big heart for the well used, but not used up. Aren't we all a little like that?  #livelifeonpurpose
    Stetson hand crafted cowboy boot purse with horse rein handle
  22. What the heck?? Well, that's how long we've been on stay at home orders! Who ever thought that would happen. I wanted to remember these times as productive, creative adventures, not filled with fear and chaos.  So I picked up my mental attitude and gave it a really great pep talk and out to the shop we went, hand in hand with high hopes of creating hand crafted leather bags you would love.  I hope you enjoy. Not only what I created, but every day of your life. It's all a gift to be explored and to be curious about. Live life on purpose!  #behappy
  23. Have you ever been accused of having 2 left feet? Well, then I had your boots.  But now they are a cowboy boot purse.  They are made by  Tin Haul and were the Lady Luck in red, cowboy boots.  
    I was so excited that they were both left feet. I made it a lot easier to take my knife to them.  
    They turned out amazing. If your are lucky or know someone who is, or if you want to be lucky, this bag is for you.

    They were her very first boots.  A gift from her grandparents.  She romped with the cows and fed the pigs. She's a girl that loves her horse and her chickens.  Her first boots will be a forever reminder that her Grandparents loved her. And so did her horse, cows, pigs and chickens.  With inspiration this purse, bracelet and necklace will be a reminder of simple, fun and loving times.  It was my honor to create this special bag for you!
    #custombootpurse #cowboybootpurse #cowgirlbootpurse #madeinUSA #cowgirlboots
  25. Come see us at Encanterra, San Tan Valley for a Jake Owen's concert, shopping and wine tasting!  It will be a fabulous day of sunshine, music and creative shopping!  I'll have some new designs and patterns so shop early. 
    Get your tickets for this event here   Jake Owen

  26. Bloom where yer planted! When we moved to Arizona, I wasn't quite sure how I'd get along with out the beauty and lush green of the Mt. Hood foot hills and wilderness.  My favorite hike is Ramona Falls where you wind and toil around and up and down, through fairy tale forest of most laden trails and trees next the freshest water given by the hand of God.  Words can not describe the beauty and wonder of this land. Arizona is everything opposite!  But I was determined to find beauty in all things and I was not disappointed.  I love the sunrise hikes with the beautiful colors dancing across the morning breeze. Or the moon rise hikes out my back property.  The night time is intense here! The stars sparkle like little Christmas lights waiting with such excitement to tell you a story and show you something grand.  I've learned there is joy no matter where you go.  Find it. Capture it. Live it. Love it!  It's all a gift!
  27. Do you love the Indian and Arrow Themes?  Wild Child theme and follow your arrow. This tote was made just for you! You'll love the rustic canvas material with the Indian head dress print on one side and arrows on the other side. The handles are just the right thickness of leather. Inside you'll find pockets and beautiful lining.  This is the perfect tote to take shopping, traveling or overnight bag.  This indian tote bag will soon be your most favorite!
    Arrow tote with leather handles  Indian head dress tote
  28. Oh how lovely was the morning! Christmas morning!  Beautiful, brightly colored Indian Chief blanket bags for your favorite cowgirl!  Think of all the hugs and smiles you'll get with this one.  I love the intricate designs in these Cotton/Acrylic bags.  They are lined with a cotton fabric and have 2 pockets inside.  You'll find the zipper closure a very secure way to keep your cowgirl gear, laptop overnight gear safe and secure.  The handles are made of horse reins and you'll find silver conchos on the front of each bag.  The zipper pull has an authentic horse hair zipper pull.  Lovely! Right?

    Indian Chief blanket bag  Turquoise Indian Chief Blanket Bag
  29. I love, love, love the Trinket Dream Catcher pins!  Each is unique and will be customized for you.  Add to your Saddle blanket bag or Indian Chief blanket Bag. You can even wear them on your jean jacket, denim bag, canvas back pack or shawl. Express yourself with the individual trinkets you choose.  Just send and email letting me know what you want.  There are too many options to show on my website but here are a few:.
    Trinket Dream Catcher Pin  Trinket Pin for Saddle Blanket Bag  Trinket Pin for Woven Bags  Rustic Trinket Charms  Rustic Trinkets and charms for saddle blanket bag
  30. May all your wishes come true!  We join you in celebrating this wonderful season of love, joy and peace. The birth of our Savior gives all the opportunity be His hands, to be forgiven and to forgive others. That's the joy!
    I hope you're enjoying the new products! The cowhide clutch bags have been a wonderful addition to my line.  I love all the zippers and pouches in such a small bag.  Which is your favorite? Check them here and let me know!  www.diamond57.com/cowhideandleatherclutches 

    cowhide clutch light brindle  Light brindle cowhide clutch  cowhide clutch with leather strap
  31.  I ended up with all sorts for bits and pieces of horse tack in my shop. In particular I had buckles. Really small ones to the really bigs ones and everything in between. If you see me at a show you can dig through my boxes of buckles for your own prized piece!
    So this is what I came up with to use up these buckles.  I added a soft lambskin leather strap that is adjustable to wear long or short like a choker.  Verstitile, cute, funky and reused! There, done!  Check them out here.
      Pendant recycled from horse tack buckle and turquoise   Recycled horse tack pendant  Western necklace made from horse tack buckle
  32. Every girl needs a favorite hat and this is it! And it's on sale! Holy cow!

  33. Cool! Any product with red in it will be 40% off. Supplies are limited to stock on hand. Most products are one of a kind.  Sale starts at 12:01am on 11/25/17 and ends at midnight on 11/25/17.
  34. Thanks for your loyal following to the shows we attend! 

    Nov. 4-5  Artist of the Superstition, Art Studio Tour
    Nov. 25th. Gold Canyon Golf Resort. 9-3pm I'll be on the patio. I'm bringing new products to this show.
    Dec. 2nd. Encore Holiday Botique. Queen Creek, AZ. Ellsworth and Riggs. 9-3pm

    December 10th, 2017  Olive Mill. Queen Creek, Arizona
    Dec. 27-31, 2017 World Roping horse show at Horseshoe Arena in Queen Creek, Arizona
    March 3, 2018  Good Life Festival. Encantara. Queen Creek, Arizona

    March 25, 2018  Olive Mill. Queen Creek, Arizona

    April 21, 2018   Good Life Festival. Encantara. Queen Creek, Arizona

  35. I'm sure you've noticed that on my site I describe the parts of the purse handles as "throat latch" or "brow band". Sometimes this is unfamiliar to some people.  Here is an  explanation of where the tack fits on the horse.
  36. I just created the new cowhide clutch.  It is 9" across and 6.5" tall.  It is unlined, with a zipper closure and the and is made from a leather horse rein.  I added the little silver concho to each bag.   They come in unique patterns.  $45
    Cowhide clutch bag   cowhide bag clutch
  37. Custom saddle blanket bag ready to ship to New jersey this morning! Hand cut fringe, specialty trinkets and custom horse rein handles. Create your bag today! $150-190 

    #saddleblanketbags #saddleblanketpurse #wovenwesternbag #cowgirlswag#cowgirlfashion #recyclewesternbag

  38. Only 2 days left for your discount on the saddle blanket bags! So many to choose from. Which is your favorite. They are perfect for traveling, on the plane, carry your laptop, magazined or an overnight bag. They are even ideal for the cowgirl momma as a diaper bag.  Zipper closure, 2 pockets inside and lined with cottom lining. Handles are strong and durable horse reins and I add Western conchos and a horse hair zipper pull. Want it more snazzy? Add trinkets or a leather tassel.
  39. Read more at cowgirlmagazine.com

     Photo courtesy of Mustang Maddy.
    Truly, Maddy is gifted. A special spirit born to communicate with horses, and in some cases, save their lives. Read about her amazing story and be inspired to be the good in the world.
    Cowgirls… if you don’t yet know about Mustang Maddy, it’s time to get educated! Taken from Maddy’s official Facebook page, “Madison Shambaugh, AKA “Mustang Maddy” is a horsewoman from Telluride, CO that specializes in gentling and training wild horses (mustangs) and exotic equines (including zebras). Madison currently travels throughout the United States, raising awareness for the plight of the mustangs (hence her nickname, “Mustang Maddy”) & educating the public on equine behavior.”

    The above statement is just a summary of Mustang Maddy; it does not discuss how truly talented she is when it comes to understanding horses. Maddy can take a Mustang that is labeled “unpredictable” to many, and have a show worthy horse in a matter of months.

    What sets Maddy apart, and what allows her to communicate so effectively with Mustangs, is that she doesn’t engage in common training methods. She understands that these horses do not respond well to certain techniques, which is why she has worked hard to find a method that these horses will positively respond to.

    Read more about Maddie at https://cowgirlmagazine.com/mustang-maddy/

  40. I love creating one of a kind bags for the one of a kind cowgirl sweetheart!  With rodeo season it's a great time to get a bag to show off your attitude.  
    Pick your favorite and share with all your friends at the rodeo, horse show or traveling! 
    The cowboy boot purses are made from, well, cowboy boots. I cut them up, trim them restructure them, line them with leather and add all the conchos, spots or crystals.  Horse tack is used for the handles. I spend many a sunny weekend barn hunting for treasures to make these unique and swanky bags.
    The leather zippered insert bag is available to add to any bag or your belt loops to keep all yer cowgirl gear safe!
    I can create a custom bag for you, too. From your cowboy boots or my stock. You choose the style, type of handles, type of conchos and if you'd like spots or crystals. Truely a custom bag just for you.

  41. T
    he saddle blanket bags are made of an acrylic/wool blend. Inside they are lined with cotton fabric and 2 pockets.  They have a zipper closure to keep everything safe. Handles are made from horse reins. I add conchos and a horse hair zipper pull for some add cowgirl swagger.  Get your favorite pattern today and order one for a friend!
  42. I just posted new saddle blanket bags.  They are on sale until August 6th, so order now as quanities are limited.
  43. Shop will be closed for remodel June 1-18th. We'll have lots of workers here but not able to ship products! Order early. All orders placed between May 31st and June 18th will be shipped June 19th.
  44. I've got lots of equipment to make these one of a kind purses and bags. I found a great way to organize my tools recently. I've been using magnets to hold my tools to my work bins.  They're great! Strong. Easy to put on, easy to grab my tools one handed.  I got them from Gorilla Force Magnets on Amazon. They even hold my hammers, leather punch and pop rivet gun.  It's been so fun, I've discovered they make a great key holder! I'm always loosing my dang keys. Not any more.  I'll be working on more ways to use these great magnets. They are about the size of a .50cent piece.  They were under $15 with shipping! 

    Magnets holding my tools  magnet tool organizer  magnet holding my hammer
  45. Red Western purse
    This bag is one of my most favorite. The handles are made from a horse bridle brow bands with lucky horse shoe conchos, spots and bit snaps that attach the handles to the bag. Inside I lined with soft cream leather and 2 pockets. I added a vintage indian concho to the front magnetic closure. (you can request this to be changed if you'd like). Squash blossom conchos on front and back. 210 hand stitched lacing around the bottom.  It's a great size for every day. Consider adding the leather zippered bag that "snaps" inside the bag for added security. Trust me, You are gonna love how you feel with this bag! 
  46. Love fringe! Then, this bag is for you!
    Heart, peace, wings cowboy boots purse
  47. Make them personal by adding a concho of your choice and custom handles from ropes or leather horse reins! Leather tassels also available. 
    hair on cowhide bagPost
  48. Discount on Saddle Blanket Bags!Post
  49. Mothers day special cowboy boot purse
  50. Mother's Day Special. FREE insert leather bag with the purchase of a Cowboy Boot Purse.
     Plus a personalized vintage cowgirl tag!
    custom cowboy boot purse for mom  Cowboy boot purse with a mothers day special!  Cowboy boot purse with zippered closure
  51. Ankle boots are all the rage these days, but guess what? Diamond 57  has been making them from the bottoms of the cowboy boots since 2002.  So were really happy y'all love 'em.
    Here are some new ones we just hand laced and posted. Most are size 8 ofr size 9 in womens. If ya don't see whatcha want, just give me a hollar and I'll see what I can do to find ya some thing real pretty!
    Ankle Boots in denim blue with cream stitching  Brown and Turquoise western ankle boots  Short cowboy boots
  52. Looking for just the right vintage look ball cap for riding? I've got several to choose from. I love the Born Free with the embroidered arrows. There are a few one of a kinds with a patriotic vibe and some for your road trip. Which is your favorite?
    They are all made of quality 100% cotton, velcro or metal slide adjustable closure and washable. 
    Rustic Patriotic ball cap Born Free  American Eagle rustic ball cap Vintage Style  Lucky vintage rustic ball cap
  53. I am so grateful for inspiration! And this bag is no exception. It took on it's own characteristics as I was putting it together. I added some chair from a curb bit to the front and added some fun and rustic cowgirl findings. Look close, you'll see turquoise, red coral, cowboy boot, hearts, lucky horse shoes, angel wing, cowboy hat, feather and more.  The handle is made from a miniature horse poco bridle.  It's lined on the inside and has 2 pockets. I call this bag a "Living Bag" because it's easy to add your own personality to it. When on your adventures, festivals, rodeos or horse shows, you can add memorabilia to it.  A leather tassel would be nice or a horse hair tassel. Let you imagine soar! 
    Black hair on Cowhide bag with rustic charm  Hair on Black cowhide bag with leather handles
  54. What a special day! I love to honor mothers. 
    Diamond 57 is including a free leather zippered bag inside every cowboy boot purse purchased along with a customized vintage cowgirl tag with your quote on it.  I'll include a spur signature charm, too.
    So this is how it works.  When you order a cowboy boot bag, let me know what you'd like me to print on it.  You'll see samples here, of ones I've made up. I can print your name or your mother's name, how much you love her, a crazy quote or sappy one. 
    Order soon so I have time to create something special for your mom!
    Leather insert with cowboy boot bag  Mothers day promo cowboy boot purse  Vintage cowgirl custom tag
  55. Just created a few more cowhide bags. Some of them I added leather horse reins or bridles for the handles.  The blonde and white is an unusual color that I don't get in stock very oftern.  The handles on that one  are adjustable.  If you want a 3" concho added to a bag I can add to any of the cowhide bags. Also, if it already has a concho, and you'd like a different concho, just let me know and I can customize it for you.
    Inside you'll find them lined with leather and 2 pockets.
    BLack hair on cowhide bag with rope handles.  Blonde hair on cowhide bag with horse tack handles and concho  Dark Brindle cowhide bag with horse rein handles and fringe  See more at Cowhide Bags
  56. Just scooped up some really cool and unique "Born Free" Caps. You'll love the worn in feeling, a little distressed, fits like your favorite pair of jeans.  Order quick! Limited supply. $24
    Born Free Cap for women  Vintage Rustic Cap     America ball cap  
  57. March 26, 2017  Art of the Superstition : Gold Canyon Golf Resort, Gold Canyon, AZ

    March 31 and April 1, 2017:  Vintage and Vino : Horse Shoe Park and Equestrian Center : Queen Creek, AZ

    April 23, 2017  San Tan Artist Guild : Queen Creek Olive Mill, Queen Creek, AZ

    Nov. 4-5 2017  Superstition Artist Studio Tour. Gold Canyon, AZ.
  58. Contest Give Away Western Cowgirl Fashion

    Thank you for your support! Here's my way of saying thank you! Enter to win one of these prizes. Go here http://woobox.com/zb79h6  to enter!  We never share your information with anyone so rest assured this is just between us! Here's a big YEHAW to y'all and good luck!! Let me know if you have any questions. yehaw@diamond57.com  

    Prizes are as follows:
    Custom saddle blanket bag with horse bridle handle, custom rustic and cowgirl trinkets, leather tassel and more. Value $185
    Custom Hip Bag or Concealed Carry Bag your choice of conchos. 
    Super cute wine tote made from multi colored cowboy boot, horse brow band and conchos. Does not include the wine :) ! 
    Choice of I pad / Kindle bag. Made from a cowboy boot and horse tack and concho snap closure. 
    Very organic Geode Necklace on your choice of satin cord with lobster clip closure.
  59. I found these beautiful Geodes!  I decided to make them into pendants. I absoultely love the crystals in the middle. Each is very different and stunning.  These are made from cutting Thunder Eggs into fine slices then polishing them. 
    Geode pendant made in USA  Geode necklace made in USA
  60. Just stocked up on our customizable Concho Pendants! Get yours now for best selection.  Great for your cowgirl momma!
    Heart concho pendant  Star Concho Pendant  Indian Head dress concho pendant  Silver engraved concho pendant  Bucking Bronc Concho Pendant    Western concho Pendant  Copper concho Pendant  Copper Squash Blossom concho pendant  Silver squash blossom concho pendant  Lucky Horse Shoe Concho Pendant  Cross concho pendant
  61. Last weekend I was vending at Thieves Market in Chandler Arizona.  Tom had taken some old boot bottoms and and planted some succlents in them to recycle the boots.  A very sweet, young couple came by, loved the recycled boot and purchased it. Along the way as they were shopping they were telling people about their "recycled boot planter". At one booth they dropped the brochure I gave them. The vendor (we'll call her Jane) picked it up and started reading it. In this brochure I have the story of how Diamond 57 was created. She was touched by the story and came to find me. As we started talking she discovered a cowboy boot bag she loved! "It speaks to me!" she squealed. I am so grateful to be inspired to create works of wonder that spreads such joy. Jane makes beautiful recycled yard, garden and home art reclaimed old wood, antique clocks and more. She told me she was going back to her booth and was going to take the proceeds from her sales to buy the bag.  She returned in a short while and told me she was telling her brother all about the bag (he also creates beautiful works of art by recycling vintage wood and old truck parts). I asked her how sales were, and she said not good but I'm telling everyone about the bag I'm going to buy it when things pick up.  I told her to take the purse to her booth to show her brother, to which she replied with a smirk, "ok, see ya.... in, like....never!" Ha!  She did return with the purse swinging like an old friend on her shoulder.  Gently putting the purse back on it's rustic display she said she'd be back and  may have to take up donations to achieve her goal. She would joke with the good people enjoying the show.  The next day I recieved an email from a delightful angel asking me if I remember the gal that really wanted the cowboy boot bag when she was shopping in my booth. I said, "oh, yes! She's a delightful soul!"  She asked if I would accept her payment of the purse and present it to the "lady" as an anonymous gift? This woman said "I don't know her name, but do you know who I'm talking about?" "Yes, I remember", as disbelief welled up in my heart. Really?? For Real?  She was serious and called me with her payment information and didn't want any recognition for her very kind gesture of love. My life will forever be touched by such generosity and inspiration! 
    Tom and I went to see Jane, and I put the bag on her shoulder asking her if she's sure it fits properly. She smiled and said, of course it fits just right!  I said "Well, then, it's yours!"  She was in shock with tears of unbelief mixed with such humility that will be a memory in my mind forever. 
    Jane came to me later that day and said "I've always been a giver. I don't know how to react as a reciever." Joy. Pure joy! This is what it feels like to bless others. 
    This is the bag that started it all....cowboy boot purse made in usa

    boot planter  This is a picture of previous planters.  #cowboybootpurses  #cowboybootbag  #joy #giving #blessingsfromangels   #bootplanters  #recycledboots #recycledcowboyboots  #madeinUSA

  62. Do you carry your heat? Now you can carry it in style. These super cool leather zippered cross body bags double up as a concealed carry bag. You can quickly and descretely snap this bag onto your belt loops to be hands free with a very secure place for all your valuables.  They come in black or brown. Jazz it up with conchos, crystals or want something special? Let me know!
  63. Love the new patterns of cow hide bags! You can express your own cowgirl style with the customization of the handles and adding a 3" concho on the front. If you want more personal attention, just let me know!

    Cowhide Bags made in USA  Cowhide Bag with rope handles  black and white cowhide bag      Brindle cowhide bag with rope handles  Cowhide bag with horse rein handles   Cowhide bag with leather handles

  64. Here's something sweet for your sweetheart!

  65. Dedicated to all the moms!
  66. What are Booties? Like "Shake your Booties?" No! When I cut the tops of the cowboy  boots off to make a purse, I recycle the bottoms of the boots in to Booties. You wear them like a boot only the tops are gone and there is soft, hand laced finished edge on your booties. With jeans, you can't tell the tops are gone. Eacy to put on. Cool in hot weather. You can ride, dance, shop and work in them. They are limited to what I can find in good shape, so just email me your size and what you're looking for. I'll send pictures and see if we can match you up with something special.  Below are some samples of booties. Some I've made a purse from the top and hand laced the botties for a set. The brown and pink were worn my Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame!  I purchased them when they were selling the set of her show.